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Hand Cut Ethos


Hand Cut is changing the way people eat burgers and steaks one meal at a time. We take pride in the high quality and authenticity of our grass fed, grass finished beef and pledge that the meat we serve is responsibly sourced with respect for the animal, as well as respect for the land the animal has been raised on. With that in mind, each Hand Cut burger starts with 100% grass-finished beef, locally sourced from Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co.


The majority of cattle in America are raised for a short timeon grass and then “finished” in confined feeding areas with a diet of grain that is unnatural to them.The cattle we use is 100% grass fed & finished and are never given corn, pellets, silage, antibiotics or added growth hormones. Many studies have found grass finished beef to contain a higher level of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than grain fed beef. CLA is a healthy fat known to improve cardiovascular disease, cancer and reproductive function. Also, beef from grass fed animals contains two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids than grain fed cattle. In addition to the higher CLA and omega-3 levels, grass fed beef is four times higher in vitamin E than beef raised in feedlots. Vitamin E is known to help lower our risk of heartdisease and cancer.


Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co’s cattle are range bred, grass-finished. Managed by cowboys on horseback, their cattle forage for their food across thousands of acres of Arizona ranchlands, enjoying naturally occurring grasses, water & flowers. The free range method allows their cattle to enjoy a stress free lifestyle; which we believe is far superior to any other ranching style.


All of the cattle Hand Cut sources its beef from are 100% born, raised, and harvested in Arizona. They are never shipped out of state for any reason. They are never fed any grains, corn or silage, nor are they ever contained to feed lots.


The cattle Hand Cut sources are born and raised in the Arizona sunshine, with300+ sunny days per year, Arizona provides the perfect environment for healthy cattle, fresh air and naturally occurring grasses year round.


The ranch used for Hand Cut beef relies on windmills and solarpower systems to ensure sustainable ranch practices. No pesticides, insecticides or GMO seeds areever used on the land.

Hand Cut is proud to serve and be partners with:

aizonaArizona Grass Raised Beef Co

Their cattle enjoy naturally occurring Arizona grasses, water and flowers. The free range method allows their cattle to enjoy a stress free lifestyle; we believe this method is far superior to any other ranching style.

harrisHarris Ranch

For over 50 years, Harris Ranch Beef Company has continually strived to produce the highest quality beef in the world. Family owned and operated, the Harris family has always taken great pride in raising its beef to be as pure and great tasting as nature intended. This tradition of quality is evident in all of their beef products.

regalRegal Crest Chicken

Regal Crest is an all natural company that uses 100% cage free chickens. Their premium poultry is never compromised. It’s 100% natural, no added hormones, and absolutely no additives, injectables or marination. Flavor is clean and not watered down giving you a satisfying and healthy product.